Movie Reviews

“Since I’m going to use this site as my primary personal blog, I have migrated some of the content from my old website. This includes a handful of movie reviews, all of which were published a few years ago but that nonetheless relate to movies that I would heartily recommend!”

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Basic Income

“A basic income is a fixed amount paid to each citizen each month by the government, no matter what their means. On its face, it sounds like an horrendously socialist idea, but implemented properly, it could form the basis of a market-based solution to poverty and inequality.”

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“Inherent Vice”

“Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Larry “Doc” Sportello drives the movie. Quizzical, slightly befuddled, but always smarter or more aware than his permanently dazed look would have you believe, the timing of his facial expressions is perfect.”

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“David Oyelowo nails the lead role, delivering a version of MLK that is uncannily reminiscent of the archive footage with which we are all familiar. He shows King’s passion, his focus, and his commitment to his strategy.”

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“In Boyhood, events stand on their own. They are not resolved. We see them happen and life moves on, just as is does in our everyday experience.”

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